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In my practice as an Atlanta, Georgia probate lawyer, our firm has found that many clients involved in Georgia probate proceedings reside out of state or out of the country. Thus, they are likely are at a disadvantage concerning their particular legal situation and ability to be an intimate part in the Georgia probate proceedings in which they are involved. Please know you are not alone. We will ensure that your voice is heard and that all legal filings are made timely on your behalf. We will also ensure that you are not at a disadvantage with respect to the legal advice you receive. You will be quickly provided with documentation and information on all matters relevant to your case should this be your desire. Our lawyers and paralegals often e-mail entire files to clients via our scan and e-mail capabilities. In fact, you will likely receive letters and legal documents the same day we receive them.

The Atlanta, Georgia probate lawyers at The Libby Law Firm will ensure that you are not disadvantaged by being out-of-state. Our Georgia probate law firm clientele are located in over thirty-five US states. We also represent clients in numerous foreign countries that consist of military, contractors stationed and/or working out of the US, and citizens of foreign countries. If you are located out-of-state but have a pending matter in Georgia probate proceeding for which you require legal representation, we can assist you.

Thus, the saying: You stay at Home; We Will Take Care of It!

In fact, many of our clients we have never met face to face. Regardless, we will do what it takes to make you at ease with your case and to keep the flow of communication free and clear. The The Libby Law Firm utilizes state of the art video conferences, conference calls, scan documents, e-mail, and attorney availability and accessibility at all hours. You will have your primary and secondary attorneys cell phone number and can call, e-mail, or text them anytime. This can be a tremendous help to clients in different time zones. In fact, we presently have clients in time zones with a one (1) to ten (10) hour time difference.

Call us today at our Main (Buckhead) Atlanta Office at (404) 467-8611 to talk about your legal issues and goals. You can also provide a short succinct statement of your legal issues and send it through our “Contact Us” form on our website. Our “Contact Us” form is received by at least one Atlanta probate attorney and one experienced paralegal. In fact, don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from your inquiry while your still on our Georgia probate law firm website.

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