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Hiring a probate and estate administration attorney to guide and represent you through the Georgia probate process may very well be the wisest decision any executor or administrator may perhaps make in carrying out their fiduciary duties in the process of administering a GA estate in county probate court. The consequences of improperly administering a Georgia Estate during the estate administration process are serious and have dreadful consequences which include personal liability of the Georgia executor and administrator.

These consequences stem from a fiduciary duty that all executors and administrators have when they administer an estate. These fiduciary duties are usually not even known by any would be or currently acting executor or administrator until they inevitably emerge. And, the fact of the matter is, nobody is going to tell about these “unknown” pending concerns and why there are compelling reasons for retaining a GA probate and estate administration attorney and Georgia law firm for the for the following reasons:

1) Most laypersons and attorneys who do not have considerable experience in GA probate law and GA probate estate administration proceedings, don’t know about these intricate GA “probate” laws or how to properly follow and use them to the benefit of the estate and any executor or administrator of the estate;

2) That the payment of an experienced GA probate and estate administration attorney is a valid estate expense and can be paid from estate funds;

3) That attorney’s fees and expenses used on consulting a GA probate and estate administration attorney can be paid from individual funds of the would be executor or administrator, and then such funds are commonly reimbursed to that paying individual upon retention of the attorney for representation of the estate and the appointment of the executor or administrator by the GA probate court;

4) That heirs or beneficiaries of the estate also have a vested interest in trying to control matters through the executor or administrator and it’s probable they will try and impose their wishes on you in favor of their own interests;

5) The executor or administrator is not aware of how much work this taking on administration of a Georgia Estate;

6) That fighting amongst beneficiaries and heirs may occur, be very serious and cause permanent family disharmony and permanently ruin relationships within the immediate family and/or relatives and friends;

7) That you now have an unbiased professional in control of matters and guiding you in the estate administration process;

8) An experienced GA estate and probate lawyer and law firm will be dealing with the estate beneficiaries and heirs;

9) This same Georgia estate administration attorney will give the estate fair, balanced and professional and expert treatment and absolve the executor or administrator of any perception of unfair self serving dealings and your GA probate and estate administration attorney will fairly and ethically deal with estate matters and assist you in guidance with this direction;

10) It very probable that hiring a GA estate administration and probate attorney and law firm will preserve the peace amongst the estate beneficiaries and heirs, prevent fighting, legal disputes and probate litigation. An experienced estate administration and probate attorney and law firm can spot, react to and resolve most, if not all, of the problematic issues that arise and lead to expensive and long drawn out probate and estate litigation.

I often have executors and administrators come into my office to correct intricate and emotional issues that could have been prevented with the essential assistance that I could have cost-effectively and promptly provided them should they have retained legal representation from the onset of the estate administration process. As such, it is weekly that I see that the representation and guidance of an experienced GA estate lawyer and law firm is practicable and wise.

Even disregarding the practical and financial reasons an experienced law firm can bestow on estate savings, the timely and expeditious administration of the estate most often achieved with the assistance of an estate administration attorney and GA law firm. Regardless, the options of representation can be explored by a simple phone call and meeting. The Libby Law Firm would be glad to give an overview of the process of having an experienced GA law firm representing you in your fiduciary capacity. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and our Main Office is conveniently located in the heart of Buckhead. Please feel free to contact us at (404) 467-8611, or send us a message through our confidential e-mail form.

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