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As an estate lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most common questions I am asked as an Atlanta estate administration attorney is how to stop Georgia estate heirs and beneficiaries from fighting with Georgia estate executors and administrators. Usually this question comes from the executor or administrator whose life has been turned upside down by the demands of their fiduciary duty or claims that they have committed a breach of fiduciary duty in Georgia. Most executors and administrators want to get through the process as efficiently and quickly as possible in order to return to their normal daily life. But there are other reasons to keep the peace when acting as an executor or administrator.

By actively limiting conflict during the proceedings, it is true that the estate will be distributed faster, but it will also be administered with more assets intact. When Georgia estate disputes arise, hearings, mediation, and litigation, is likely not far behind. Unjustified Georgia mediation, hearings, and litigation proceedings can cost precious time and wastes estate assets. The executor or administrator funding to defend this type of legal battle usually comes directly out of the assets of the estate, so the more time spent feuding, the less money is available to distribute.

Monetary and time issues aside, it is important to keep the wishes of the decedent in mind and preserve family harmony. I believe that most people write wills in part to limit infighting over estate assets. When people ask me about the benefits of a will, I am quick to state that preservation of family harmony and the legacy of the decedent are important reasons to have a will. By maintaining a transparent estate administration process between heirs and beneficiaries and executors and administrators, conflicts can be minimized and the decedent’s wishes can be honored. The executor or administrator can perform the required fiduciary responsibilities and properly keep beneficiaries and heirs informed while meeting all deadlines
By retaining an experienced Georgia estate administration lawyer, you can maintain the following:

• Preservation of family harmony

• Preservation of estate assets for distribution

• Lessen the time frame for estate distributions

• Avoid the stigma family infighting imposes

If you are executor or administrator of an estate, or these duties are pending, you should retain an experienced Georgia estate administration lawyer to assist you. You will appreciate the benefits and peace of mind you receive. You will also be able to feel confident in your actions as they are approved by your lawyer. Moreover, your lawyer will assist you in preparation of documents, explanation of the process to heirs and beneficiaries, and silence anyone who cries “foul.” At The Libby Law Firm, we are glad to assist you in full and let you take all the credit. We can also stay in the background in case some issues arise, which need to address immediately. As they say, “The Libby Law Firm has you covered.” No matter what your level of education, chances are you have not been an executor or administrator before. It is not an easy task and we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us. If you have been in this situation before, then perhaps I am telling what you already know, that you need a skilled Georgia estate attorney to assist you.

To learn more about how the Atlanta and North Georgia Estate Attorneys at The Libby Law Firm can assist you in your role as executor or administrator, contact our Atlanta office to set up a meeting. Our Main Office is easily found in Buckhead Section of Atlanta conveniently located near the intersection of Piedmont and Peachtree Roads near the Buckhead Triangle. You can contact our Main Office by calling our Main Number (404) 467-8611, or through our confidential Contact Us Form.

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