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In my Atlanta, Georgia Probate Law firm, I have helped countless clients involved in estate issues and Georgia probate litigation. While there is no substitute for qualified legal counsel, there are excellent resources online to help individuals understand the complex legal landscape of probate proceedings and estate administration. I often recommend that my clients use these resources to get an initial understanding of this area of law and the unique requirements of the Georgia probate process.

Georgia has a useful website ( that focuses on areas handled by Georgia’s Probate Courts, such as estate planning and marriage licensees. At this website you will find a broad array of information and tools, such as standardized downloadable forms and a resource to locate the Probate Court in your area. The Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia also has a website ( that provides standardized forms, information and links to state and national legal agencies and organizations. A third website run by the IRS ( also provides valuable information and I recommend that my clients use it when doing research on probate and taxes.

These three sites should always be used to download any Georgia probate forms. Other websites may have free downloadable e-forms, but these official websites will have the most up-to-date forms and instructions. Keep in mind that the staff and clerks at the offices of these websites are very knowledgeable, but they cannot dispense legal advice. It is critical to secure legal counsel from an experienced Estate Administration and Probate Attorney for all probate matters. The complexity of the Georgia probate process can derail the administration of estate assets and cost beneficiaries and heirs valuable resources.

Due to the complex nature of probate and estate administration, it is wise to seek legal advice when initially entering into these matters. The qualified attorneys at The Libby Law Firm are available to answer your questions and represent you in Georgia probate proceedings or litigation. Please contact us to discuss your situation at (404) 467-8611. The Firm’s Main Office is conveniently located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta.

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