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As a Georgia estate dispute and probate litigation lawyer, I have represented numerous Georgia estates, executors, administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries. In doing so, I have often times guided them to various “free web sites” so that they may see for themselves what is involved in the Georgia probate and estate administration process. There are a number of resources on the internet for use in effective estate administration and otherwise gather information about this complicated process. They are the following: The State of Georgia Probate Website ; The Georgia Courts Website ; The IRS ; and, most importantly the link to the county in which you are offering the will for probate (i.e. The Fulton County Probate Court Website)

The State of Georgia Probate Court Website and The Georgia Courts Website have links, forms and important information on estate administration and the probate process. In addition, theses sites contain a wealth of forms to be used in the State of Georgia (these two sites should be used to download any probate forms). The IRS site is an important sources of tax references, contact numbers, and information and documentation resources.

Unfortunately, these clerks and staff can not give you legal advice and are instructed to not engage in such action. Additionally, these sites are for informational purposes only, and while official, please know that nothing can replace the guidance of an experienced Georgia probate law firm.

More often than not, immediately after reviewing the above-referenced resources, many Georgia executors, administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries feel a little overwhelmed by the complexity of what is perceived as a “simple probate process.” From my extensive experience, I can tell you that the probate process in Georgia is anything but simple and it may serve you well to retain a knowledgeable and cost efficient Georgia probate law firm to assist you or represent your interests. Please feel free to contact us (404) 467-8611 to see how we can assist you. Please also feel free to send us a confidential e-mail Web Site contact us form. The Libby Law Firm is conveniently located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, GA near the intersection of Piedmont and Roswell Roads.

Furthermore, do not let a let geographical distance be to your disadvantage. Our Firm represents numerous clients throughout the United States in matters pending in Georgia probate courts. We are here to assist you from wherever you may be located and have the technical and communicative skills to do so effectively and cost efficiently.

The Libby Law Firm represents clients throughout the Metro Atlanta, Georgia County Probate Courts including the following: DeKalb Probate Court; Fulton County Probate Court; Cobb County Probate Court; Gwinnett County Probate Court; and, Fayette County Probate Court.

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