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As an Atlanta Georgia Lawyer practicing in the Atlanta area, I find I am frequently asked by my clients, who are executors and administrators, about the best way to handle and manage the heirs and beneficiaries of the Georgia probate estate. These questions often involve legal and moral matters concerning executor and administrator fiduciary duties, responsibilities and the rights various parties to a Georgia estate administration proceeding.

The fact is most Georgia probate and estate administration questions consistently arise from fighting between the executors, administrators, heirs and beneficiaries. This fighting is more the standard rather than the exception and commonplace in many estate administration proceedings. Moreover, if you are executor or administrator of an Georgia probate estate proceeding, you should seriously consider retaining an experienced Georgia probate attorney to guide you in carrying out your fiduciary duties and protect you from aggressive and vindictive heirs and beneficiaries who may be out to cause you trouble.

Additionally, in my Atlanta, Georgia, probate law firm, I receive an equal if not greater number of questions from my clients who are heirs and beneficiaries of a Georgia estate administration proceeding. The most common questions they ask concern the actions of the executor and administrator and center on what these fiduciaries can and cannot do, what constitutes a breach of their fiduciary duty, and what legal actions can and should be taken. What is more, heirs and beneficiaries who ask these difficult questions and seek to understand estate administration proceedings should be commended. All too often, the Georgia executor and administrator will abuse their position of power and use it for their own gain and self-dealing or that of preferred family members, friends or co-conspirators. Other common questions concern timing of estate matters and events as well as the rights of estate creditors and debtors as well as a host of other parties.

Having practiced as a Georgia fiduciary attorney for a considerable length of time, I am quite sure that nothing makes people act more unreasonable or irrational than the combination of the acquisition of monies and other assets, in combination with the death of a family member. The single most common question without doubt is whether the executor or administrator is acting in accordance with Georgia fiduciary law.

As an experienced Georgia estate and probate attorney, I recognize that whether you are an executor, administrator, heir, or beneficiary, I am quite confident that the best course of action you can take to protect you financial interests and moral integrity is to retain an experienced Georgia probate law firm or Georgia probate attorney to represent you. This is especially true if you already have strained family relations or there are assets to which you or your loved ones are entitled. Moreover, if you have the slightest reason to believe that wrongdoing, self-dealing, or your rights may be compromised in a Georgia estate proceeding, you should immediately retain a Georgia probate attorney to represent and protect your interests.

The Libby Law Firm helps Georgia executors, administrators, heirs, and, beneficiaries as well as other interested parties successfully navigate the “ins and outs” of Georgia estate administration proceedings. Our Firm would welcome the opportunity to guide through this stressful and confusing process. Please contact us (404) 467-8611 to see how we can assist you. Please also feel free to send us a confidential e-mail Web Site contact us form. The Libby Law Firm is conveniently located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, Georgia near the intersection of Piedmont and Roswell Roads.

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