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I am an Atlanta, Georgia probate attorney who practices Georgia probate law in the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area. I also own a well-known and successful Atlanta, Georgia probate law firm, which was founded in 1999, and has become a well-known full service Georgia probate, wills, trusts, and estates law firm.

My name is Duncan H. Adams. My Firm, The Libby Law Firm, has been immeasurably successful and grown immensely. Thus, I speak from experience when I write from you today to give you some tips on finding a Georgia probate lawyer who fits your needs and is right for you. On another note, if you would like to call me to get some more personal advice, you can reach me at our Main Office by calling (404) 467-8611, or sending us a confidential web inquiry through our “Contact Us” forms, which are found on the firm websites, blogs, and throughout the internet. I begin by offering you the following:

If someone close to you has passed away, you may find yourself wondering if you need a probate lawyer. During this stressful and highly emotional time, it may be difficult to spend time choosing the right attorney for your case, but the extra time and effort you put into find the right lawyer can make all the difference when settling matters of probate.

Moreover, It is my general thought that unless you have significant legal training in the area of Georgia wills, trusts, and estates, you should start from day one with a a Georgia probate lawyer on retainer.

In general, there are two types of Georgia probate lawyers:

Georgia Transactional/Administration Lawyers-attorneys who mainly handle the administrative side of probate matters
• Georgia Probate litigators-attorneys who represent clients who are involved in probate or estate disputes
One of the first steps towards choosing the right Atlanta probate lawyer is to decide which type of Atlanta, Georgia probate attorney best suits your needs. Are you involved in a Georgia probate dispute or trust litigation matter? Alternatively, do you simply need an attorney to help you and your family with the distribution and administration of the estate?

When choosing the right Atlanta probate attorney, here are a few questions you should ask:

• Does the Atlanta probate attorney specialize in your type of probate situation?

• Are there good reviews supporting the Georgia probate law firm or Georgia probate lawyer you choose? Did your attorney come recommended by anyone you know?

• Did you contact the Georgia State Bar Association to determine if the lawyer is in good standing?

• Is the Atlanta probate lawyer specialized in Georgia probate law?

• How much experience does this lawyer have in litigation or probate administration?

• What are their fees and how are fees determined?

• Is this Atlanta probate lawyer easy to talk with and does he or she discuss all of your options with you?

• Did your Atlanta probate lawyer provide you with a copy of the retainer agreement?

The Atlanta, Georgia probate attorneys at The Libby Law Firm are experienced in all facets of Georgia probate administration, mediation, disputes, and litigation. If you feel that you are being denied your rights as a beneficiary or heir, need assistance carrying out your fiduciary duties as executor or administrator, being suspected undeservedly of undue influence in a Georgia will contest, or are experiencing a number of other difficulties that arise in Georgia probate proceedings, contact us to discuss a strategy that protects your interests. Our Atlanta probate lawyers understand that by its very nature, this is a difficult and stressful time on all parties having an interest in the probate proceedings.

We can be reached at (404) 467-8611. You may also send us a confidential message through our “Contact Us” form on our website. The Firm’s main office is conveniently located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta near the intersection of Peachtree and Piedmont Roads. Our Main Office is on the street level with free covered parking and security on site.

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